Friday, 10 October 2014

Preface : False Beginnings ( The Key)

Preface : False Beginnings

  “Almost to the top” he thought, “just    a few more feet and the I will reach the top. “ It was a good thing, because he knew he couldn’t have gone on much longer. He had been climbing the side of the rocky mountain  for almost an hour. His hands had numerous scratches, his arms felt they were going to come out of their sockets, and his legs were in excruciating pain. He had to   reach the top to find HER, so she could guild him to the path to find the “the Key” The key that would save men’s soul’s from total destruction and the demons of the underworld.

       He could smell her before he saw her, as he finally reached the top. But it wasn’t an unpleasant smell. It was of a warm summer day, like freshly cut grass, recently ploughed fields and flowers that had just blossomed. But she was a Goddess of the Earth, she came from the ground, and her blood, sweat and tears always went back into it to make sure all living things was reborn. He thought he would fall right back into the raging sea below him, when he looked upon her face for the first time, for she wasn’t the beautiful woman of legends, she was an old crone . Her grey hair was unwashed, long and straggly filled with dirt and leaves. Her dress had become rags long ago, her nails were ragged and broken and she looked like she hadn’t taken a bath in years much less weeks. Where was the dazzling beauty he had heard so many stories about? The one that left a trail of broken and bloody hearts, across the   world. It was said that men were  willing to pierce their hearts with their own sword, just to lay   with her one time. But all those thoughts left his head, as soon as she smiled at him, because when she did, it lit up not only her face but her whole being. He finally understood what is meant by pure and undulated beauty. He fell at her feet, not only because he felt that is what he should do, but he was totally spent and couldn’t move one more step.

“Stand up my child” her voice seemed to sing to him. “I can’t Mother, I just need to lay here and rest for awhile” he replied. “Stand” she demanded as she laid her rough and gnarled hand upon his head. At once all his energy came back to him, and stood up. “Come sit with me “she said to him. He looked over to where she was walking to, and saw a bench. When they sat down together, she said, “Here take a drink of this” She handed him a chalice and in it was some of the sweetest water he had ever tasted. It felt very refreshing and cool going down his throat. He had never tasted anything better.  “What do you seek of me? “The   old woman   asked him. “Mother, I was told to seek you out, so you could guide me to the   path I must take to find “the key” he replied back. “ She looked into his eyes then, and held them. He felt he was looking into eyes from the beginning of time itself, but yet she was shielding her inner thoughts. “Sometimes, there are paths we are led down by others which are false.” She said. “Wha….” He started to say, as the ground beneath his feet began to shake, and off in the distance he could see the rider on the black steed coming in fast towards them. The horse of death. The figure cloaked in darkness reached down and with one hand swooped him upon the back of the horse. The raging sea drowned out his screams, as the horse took a leap off of the cliff and disappeared.

“Your path ends here my son” the old crone spoke as she turned around and headed back to which she had come from.

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