Sunday, 9 December 2012


Her breath is labored, her heart is racing. Running fast, running for her life. She cannot stop, she cannot look back. She hears him coming up fast behind her, closing in every second. The full moon is shines brightly on the forest path. It is her beacon. It allows her to see the cottage, just beyond the trees. There is an orange glow in every window. It’s her salvation. His children of the forest howl in anticipation. She has made it through the forest, but trips on her dress. Crawling through the snow, she only has a few feet more to go she feels his breath on the back of her neck. She turns over to fight him off. But he is too powerful. He pins her to the ground, pressing into her. She looks into his shimmering eyes. She tries to scream but he silences her with his mouth He smells her fear, her adrenaline. He wants her. His long black hair brushes over her body, he takes her. Her resistance gives way to pleasure, to want. As she feels his fangs bite into her soft flesh of her neck, she looks up as a cloud passes over the moon. She knows she is completely his now. She is his companion, his lover, his salvation.

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